We can help with your investigative needs.

We have decades of digital forensic, information security, cyber security, and management consulting experience in both corporate and law enforcement environments. 

We can provide rapid support when you are faced with an investigative situation. Common areas where we  asked for support include cyber breaches, corporate espionage, intellectual property theft, financial fraud, HR issues, and insider trading. We can also help recover deleted or lost data, conduct background investigations, monitor your executives' social media accounts, and more.


  • Data Collection and Preservation
  • Expert Advice
  • Operational Control Definition
  • Background Investigations
  • User Awareness Training


  • Computer, Mobile and Network Forensics
  • Cyber Breaches
  • Litigation Support
  • Online and Social Media Investigations


  • Criminal Case Review
  • Civil Case Review
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Consulting Services
  • Staff Training

Questions you might have...

Can you help us with our internal investigations? 

Yes. We have extensive experience in supporting a range of investigations, and can provide support and guidance to your leadership team, staff, and legal representatives.

Can you help us create organizational policies?

Absolutely. We can assist in the creation of a range of policies and procedures which can tie in to your overarching policy and/or compliance frameworks, or be based on good practice. Typical areas of focus include governance, operations, incident response, employee use of company assets, protecting company intellectual property and social media use.

Can you be an expert witness?

Yes. We use court proven methods and digital forensic tools, and members of our team have testified and been declared Expert Witnesses on numerous occasions, and have many court accepted digital forensic certifications.

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