We have decades of experience working with law enforcement.

The Hexigent team has years of digital forensic, information security, cyber security, and management consulting experience in both law enforcement and corporate environments.

In fact, our founder was a member of law enforcement for over 15 years and worked within a Technological Crimes Bureau for the large majority of that time. He also worked at one of the leading Digital Forensic Software companies helping members of law enforcement with their various investigative challenges: from case backlog issues; to changing investigative workflows; to following best practices in relation to digital investigations. 

Our experience includes investigating child pornography, homicide/suspicious death, harassment/threats, fraud/counterfeit, sex crimes, and hacking.

Low on resources?

We will work with you to devise a resource plan to get your case load back on track without increasing resources. We can provide staff augmentation, case-by-case assistance or longer term outsourcing options.

Buried in backlog?

We will evaluate your existing workflow and your current investigative needs before designing a plan that will increase efficiency and throughput without compromising the quality or integrity of the evidential process.

New team?

We will help you craft long-term plans for operational policies and procedures, workflow processes and training to ensure consistency and effectiveness, and help your team keep current on the latest technological developments.

Questions we get asked...

Can you become a resource for casework?

Yes. Hexigent has experience in a wide variety of criminal digital investigations, from Homicide, Fraud, Child Pornography, and more. 

Can you help us create digital forensic directives?

Absolutely. We assist law enforcement agencies developing strategies designed to enhance investigative efficiencies and output, and help create operational policies, procedures and other plans to ensure your team stays ahead of the curve. 

We are experiencing massive case backlogs. Can you help?

Definitely. We are happy to offer case assistance and staff augmentation, and we have plenty of experience working with law enforcement to create collaborative relationships. 

Can you be an Expert Witness?

Yes. Hexigent uses court proven methods and digital forensic tools, and members of our team have testified and been declared Expert Witnesses on numerous occasions, and have many court accepted digital forensic certifications. 

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