Society faces an ever growing range of cyber security threats. Technological advances ensure that those charged with protecting information have to constantly adapt and innovate. Hexigent has developed a range of services to help manage risks and protect what matters most to you and your business.

We offer strategic support and advice for boards and senior management, as well as deep technical services designed to identify, assess, design and implement appropriate controls. Wherever your security journey takes you, we can be right by your side.

Protecting Your Business & Your Customers

We can measure your security posture, help you build or adapt controls, or just be there when you need good advice.  

Need to know how secure you are?

Need to know how secure you are?


Understanding the effectiveness of your cyber security efforts can be challenging. What’s working? Whats not? What needs to change, and why?

Being secure isn't about achieving a fixed "state", rather it's a matter of constantly adapting controls to be able to identify and address new, and known, threats. Knowing how well those controls work at any point is key.

We can evaluate your strategy, governance, policies, processes, and technology to be advise how well these support your objectives.

We can also assess the effectiveness of your defenses by using the same tools and techniques that real-world threat actors do. We can bring these together to perform a simulated cyber attack against your organization and help you identify any weaknesses or opportunities to improve.

Need to improve your defences?

Need to improve your defences?


You need your organization to be well-protected and your security focus and efforts to be stable and well-balanced. But this can sometimes mean you need to change.

We can help you redefine your target security state and create a clear path to achieving it. Whether it's a risk or compliance-based enhancement, we'll walk you through the process step by step.

When it's most efficient we'll strive to build on what you have, but we'll always examine your current controls, history of incidents, risk appetite, business drivers, and other important considerations to make the right decision for your organization.

By combining all these factors, we'll create a practical, prioritized, and cost-effective guide to get your cyber security program where it needs to be.

Need ongoing advice and support?

Need ongoing advice and support?


Cyber threats change constantly. Threat actors and attackers have evolving motives, tools, and techniques that mean the effectiveness of your infrastructure and controls fluctuates each day.

We know the challenges your organization faces and we can make sure your cyber security evolves to stay ahead of these threats.

While we do a great deal of ongoing in-depth consulting in this area we also realize that sometimes you just need someone to be there to discuss an idea, provide industry insights, or help shape or explain cyber initiatives at a leadership or board level.

We provide a range of cyber advisory services to support you throughout your evolution, and help your priorities, people, and technology grow with your organization.

Want to improve your security posture? We can help.

The cyber security landscape is constantly changing. Staying up-to-date with the best way to protect yourself or your business is challenging. Let us help. We'll figure out how secure you really are and then guide you through the process of making sure you're addressing everything required to responsibly support your business priorities and preserve your organizational reputation.