New Vancouver Office


As the need for (and the scope of) focused digital investigations and effective cyber security continues to expand, so does Hexigent. We're pleased to announce the opening of our new office in Vancouver, British Columbia, supplementing our existing office in the Greater Toronto Area. The Vancouver location will allow us to better serve our growing clientele in the area, and other organizations across North America, while further solidifying our Canadian roots. 

"With society facing more cyber security threats than ever before, Hexigent’s ability to identify and mitigate digital threats, while providing strategic and technical guidance to strengthen defenses for the future, lets our clients rest easy knowing their businesses and customers are protected. And when it comes to digital forensics and related investigations, we'll continue to diligently deliver and evolve the services we're well known for, and help our clients make the most informed decisions."

Drop us a line at 855-439-4368 if you want to know more.