Are you or your company...?

  • dealing with a cyber security incident?
  • overwhelmed with criminal cases and needing assistance?
  • looking for cyber user awareness training?
  • part of a litigation involving digital evidence?
  • worried about protecting important information?
  • in need of help with a workplace investigation?

The Team At Hexigent Can Help!

We love working with all kinds of clients (and they love working with us!). From assisting Law Firms, Businesses & Law Enforcement with Digital Investigations, to helping Corporations & other Organizations with their Cyber Security needs, the Hexigent team has the skills and experience necessary to put our clients' minds at ease.

Digital Investigations

Whether you're a lawyer wanting to make the most of digital evidence in a litigation, an organization dealing with an HR or other issues that require a digital investigation, or a police officer needing digital forensics assistance, Hexigent can help. 

Cyber Security

Protecting important data and managing security risks are essential elements of running a modern organization. Hexigent helps companies with strategic support, technical services, and more so that you can focus on your business.

Hexigent. The type of firm you want to work with.

Finding the right team to support your digital investigations and cyber security solutions isn't easy. Here's why we should talk:

We're passionate about what we do.

We focus on digital investigations and providing cyber security solutions. In fact, we built this company on our passion for the forensic sciences, solving problems, helping people, and we really enjoy what we do. 

We adapt to your requirements.

We know your needs are unique, and that you want them addressed efficiently. Having a diverse client base means that we are familiar with many situations and can quickly identify the right approach. 

We promise you no surprises.

We're authentic and transparent in our practices, and our pricing. We don't pretend to do more than we do, and will gladly refer you to specialists in related industries if and when you need them.  

Hexigent understands your challenges - we can help.